Silenced Forest

Created in San Francisco, 2019, with Gustav Bodin and Lovisa Berglund.
When the forest goes silent, our ecosystems lack balance—
The echoing sound of animal life has always been a beautiful melody. The croaks and groans of frogs form a beautiful chorus that have filled the air of our forests. But suddenly, they went mysteriously silent. In the 1980s, scientists first encountered the deadly fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, a type of Chytrid.

Activism is one of the main trends in 2019; all celebrities and public figures have a topic they specialize in. Media is everywhere, and we carry it with us at all times in the form of our smartphones. How do you get people to care about the problem with this information overload? How does one make the environmental problem relatable and understandable.

To get people to understand how their actions affect the environment, we gave them a concrete example. Focusing on the Fungus Chytrid that have killed 60% of amphibian species since the 1980s. The actual cause of the problem is unknown, but all known theories are connected to human behavior.

Won Silver in Addy Awards 2020, Silver in American Advertising Awards Disctrict 14 & Best in Show at Spring Show 2020 at Academy of Art.